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About KEVA 1240 AM Stereo

KEVA broadcasts at 1240khz on the AM dial at a power of 880 watts using the Motorola C-Quam AM Stereo broadcasting system.  KEVA is an affiliate of the Dial Global radio networks, the ABC Information network, the Westwood 1 radio network, Day Weather network, Cowboy State News Network, Cowboy Sports Network, and the Northern Ag and Northern Sports Network. 


KEVA was granted a license from the Federal Communications commission in 1953 to serve the community of Evanston.  KEVA had a few different locations over the years and at one point a different call-sign...it was KLUK for a time in the 60s.  The information we have on hand shows the studios were originally located on the east end of Evanston near the area where the Pilot truck stop is now located.  KEVA spent many years in a small trailer with its tower in a field near Highway 150 near the Wyoming State Hospital.  Even today the foundation and small fence that used to surround the tower can still be seen near the road.  In the early 80s the station moved to the 2nd floor of a building on the corner of 10th & Main in downtown Evanston, while the tower remained on the Wyoming State Hospital property.  The building was long-time owned by Evanston automobile dealership owner Dave Madia.  During this time, about 1982 the station received a license for an FM companion....KOTB-FM at 106.3 FM.  In 1987 the stations were moved to the current site on the west side of town on Airport Road, and a new tower for KEVA was put up on the property there.  It was decided at the time by its corporate owners (Radio Management Associates) that the station could save money by having its own building on its own property rather than having to lease space.  In 1994 the stations were purchased from RMA by two long-time radio enthusiasts Jimmy Ray Carroll and David B. Smith.  Both had worked at the station in the past and David still did, while at the time Jim also ran the stations in Kemmerer, Wyoming.  The two men and their wives formed the corporation that would continue to run the stations even today.  David and Jim passed away a few years ago and their wives continue to run KEVA today.  In 2003, AM Stereo guru Michael J. Richard (who started working at the station in 1991) acquired some used C-Quam AM Stereo equipment and received permission from the station owners to add another great improvement to KEVA's sound.  AM Stereo equipment was successfully installed and in the spring of 2003 KEVA began broadcasting in stereo.  On a side note, yet part of KEVA's history, KOTB FM was sold around the year 2000 and KEVA entered a lease agreement with another company who had just put a new FM station on the air in Evanston.  The new FM, KNYN, licensed to Fort Bridger, WY went on the air as Magic 99 and was part of the KEVA family until the fall of 2010 when the owners of KNYN decided to lease the FM station to a different group of people.  Beginning  around Labor Day 2010, for the first time in 28 years, KEVA did not have an FM companion and was once again a stand-alone AM station as it is today.  KEVA was only an AM for 30 years before the FM stations came along, and all of us at KEVA are proud of our AM and take pride in making it the best little hometown station it can be, and always has been!  We look forward to serving you for many years to come!