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Use the form below to tell us all about what's going on so we can tell everyone about it while we're on the air!  We'll mention it on Evanston Area Happenings as well as other times when we are on the air.  The more info you give us, the more info we can pass on to everyone!

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NOTE: The above information is only so we can contact you if we need to.  There is a separate section below for actual contact info about the event - THAT is the info we'll read on the air to the public.

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Your name:  Michael J
Your email address:  Michaelj@kevaradio.com
Your phone number: 789-9101
Event info:  The middle school is doing a fund-raiser bake sale for the cheerleaders this saturday in the parking lot.  Proceeds will go to help the cheerleaders buy new pom poms and pay for cheerleding camp.  It's this saturday from 9 to 2.
Event contact info: Contact the middle school for more info at 789-****

Try to provide as much info to us as you can so we can pass it along to all the listeners!