Different types of flooring

There are different types of flooring, some are more common than others in modern homes (gulvxtra). Here are the most popular flooring types.

Engineered wood

This type of hardwood is more affordable than solid hardwood. It is made from a combination of genuine hardwood with ply plank layers, they look like solid hardwood, but they are more resistant to moisture.

Engineered hardwood is excellent for areas with high humidity, i.e. damp basements (https://www.gulvxtra.no/Tarkett). To add to that, engineered hardwood floors are cheap since they use less solid wood.

One disadvantage of this flooring is that it can’t be refinished frequently like hardwood floors and this is because it has a thin too veneer.


Saves you money

Installation is easier, cheaper and quicker.

It is DIY-Friendly


Fades in the sun

Requires high maintenance level

Wears out quickly

Low quality engineered wood can be harmful to your family’s health

Can not resist moisture

Not waterproof

It can be easily scratched and dented

Some of its products cannot be refinished

Hardwood flooring

It is made from wood cut from trees. Most floors are made of cherry, walnut and oak, amongst others (https://www.gulvxtra.no/Parkett). Hardwood floors come finished in two ways, unfinished and prefinished.

Unfinished hardwood is sanded down and finished to look shiny and resist moisture after being installed. On the other hand, pre-finished already has the finish applied before plank installation.


Buyers are willing to pay the top dollar for homes with hardwood floors

They are long-lasting

It works with all styles of decorating, from traditional to modern

Cleaning is easy since you can just sweep

Homes with hardwood floors sell faster than homes with carpeting


Very expensive

Always noisy

Needs refinishing most of the time

Laminate flooring

Laminate is a great option because it is affordable. Its design is almost similar to that of engineered wood floors. The main difference between real wood flooring and laminate flooring is that laminate doesn’t have a real wood top layer.


The wear layer of laminate floor is very tough

Laminate floors come as tiles or planks

Easy installation


It can’t be refinished the way hardwood is

It is susceptible to moisture damage

The wear layer of laminate flooring has plastic that does not degrade in landfills.